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      Over the past 70 years the auto industry has changed by leaps and bounds. The innovations were designed to provide greater safety, enhanced performance, conveniences and fuel economy. However, car owners and enthusiast's need a website that can save time and frustration. Karcorner.com was created to provide you a user-friendly site that will ensure you can get the help you need. Every page is designed with simplicity, and without the bombardment of 'pop-up' advertisements.


      As a car enthusiast there is nothing more frustrating than spending precious time to find the right website to get the help you need. Time is wasted with endless searches that add to your frustrations, and your still not any closer to achieving the goal to find the right website that fits your needs.

     If you want to offer your opinion please contact us at ucan@karcorner.com. Or would like to advertise your business for

FREE for 2 months, then please contact us for details. (automotive related businesses please.) We offer a simplistic platform for advertisers' to pay a monthly fee that is reasonable, and can cancel with a 48 hour notice.

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     The HOME Page is a brief description of 2nd Page - DITY (do-it-yourself), 3rd Page - The Korner Garage, 4th Page - Buying or Selling and 5th Page - The Classic Corner. Explore each page then you decide, and karcorner.com does not endorse or recommend any business or organization. The only criteria is we seek automotive businesses, large or small, that have a solid reputation within the industry. If there is an automotive site or business you would like to see on karcorner.com please email us with the advertisers internet address.

At no time will karcorner.com ask you for personal information or allow 'pop-ups', of course your opinions and comments will always be welcome.

    DITY (do it yourself) offers direct access to online or in store auto part suppliers, dealerships, both domestics and imports.
You choose the store that fits your needs. Names you have known and trusted for years, like AUTO ZONE, NAPA, O' RIELLYS', Ford, GM or Nissan, just to name a few.


    Korner Garage - Maybe you need online assistance from an automotive technician or have your vehicle professionally serviced. What if you are in another state and your car breaks down, how will you get help? Then go to karcorner.com to find service stations, towing services, and AAA.


    Buying and Selling - If you are in the market for a new or used vehicle, or to sell you car. Another great option, you can click on AutoTrader. com, Edmonds.com, to name just a few. Additionally, if you are looking for auto auctions, domestic and overseas, all the familiar names. You can shop will the names that have been around for several years, and remember it is FREE to use karcorner.com.


     Classic Car Corner - Any subject that a classic car owner needs from buying, selling, parts, car builders and restorations shops.

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Disclaimer: www.karcorner.com is not a referral service. The site allows the user (you) to contact the business that will assist with automotive issues. Maybe you need parts, specialty items, advice or a link to buying or selling cars or trucks. Karcorner.com is not responsible for information, given, received or implied. This includes services rendered, parts, vehicles purchased or advertised for purchase. We encourage the consumer to research any site or offer that is 'too good to be true.'